Analytic Products :

Hirssa provides analytical systems design, manufacturing and supply services including:

  • Providing consulting services, design and manufacture of analytical systems and control systems
  • Supply of GC and HPLC columns, measuring equipment, spare parts for analyzers and chromatographs, all kinds of PTFE filters, membranes and syringe filters, all kinds of standard reference, laboratory kits and LAL kits used in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries
  • Supply of all kinds of protobable analyzers and flowmeters and GC leak detectors.
  • Provides specialized training courses for Siemens and Yokogawa analyzers and chromatographs
  • provides specialized repairs, maintenance, service and optimization of analytical systems
  • Supply, sales and after-sales service of gas analysis systems and gas chromatographs
  • Supply, sales and after-sales service of liquid analysis and chromatography systems
  • Supply and sale of gas detectors and dew point sensors

Agilent Products

ستون های کروماتوگرافی گازی و مایع

Chromatography Columns

تجهیزات جانبی کروماتوگرافی

Chromatography Accessories

کیت های سنجش اندوتوکسین ترومو thermo

Endotoxin Kits